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Free Access Viewer (Database Viewer and Reporter)

Database Viewer and reporter (Access Viewer) provide you facility to explorer Access 2003,2007 and XML database. With this you could explorer these databases even if their is no office component installed over your system. This product also provide facility to export selected data to XML format. Access Viewer(Database Viewer)Access Viewer(Database Viewer) Slide

IE11 ssrs report viewer OR report viewer internet explorer 11

If you are doing this in ASP.net. Then add ASP NET Folder App_Browser. Then add Browser File and replace all text with text below or download file attached below: <browsers> <browser id=”IE11Preview” parentID=”Mozilla”> <identification> <userAgent match=”Trident/(?’layoutVersion’\d+).*rv:(?’revision'(?’major’\d+)(\.(?’minor’\d+)?))” /> <userAgent nonMatch=”MSIE” /> <userAgent nonMatch=”IEMobile” /> </identification> <capabilities> <capability name=”browser” value=”IE” /> <capability name=”layoutEngine” value=”Trident” /> <capability name=”layoutEngineVersion” value=”${layoutVersion}” […]