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Union is to select all records from two table but common record only once. Select * from tbemp1UNIONSelect * from tbemp2 Inersect is to select common records from two tables. Select * from tbemp1INTERSECTSelect * from tbemp2 Except(Minus) is equivalent to oracle minus clause. Select records of table 1 which are not in table 2. Select * from […]

Hosting react and nodejs on same server using multiple domain

It is very common for developer to have react app supported by nodejs API for backend. In some cases developer may use API developed in php or any other programming knowledge. When it comes to deployment, programmer may face difficulty in deploying both on same server. As one can only host single application to single […]

SQL Server Database Management Services

With the increase of customers and operational information stored by organizations, the complexity of managing that data also increases. Techsapphire database experts are ready to help you with all aspects of data management, ranging from database design to diagnostics and performance tuning, monitoring and ongoing remote administration. Our trained and highly qualified consultants and database […]