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Create Table from existing table

Without DataSelect * INTO tbem1 from tbemp where 1=2 Why 1=2?Because none of the record could satisfy this condition i.e. 1=2. So no data would be copied into newly created table. With DataSelect * INTO tbemp2 from tbemp With ConditionSelect * INTO tbemp3 from tbemp where depcod=102 Here depcod denotes to department code.

Get duplicate record from table

Get duplicate records from tableSelect ename from tbemp a where a.eno!=(select Max(eno) from tbemp b where a.ename=b.ename) Here eno denotes to employee number and ename denotes to employee name.

Techsapphire Data Recovery Services – Panchkula

The process of accessing and recovering material from digital media which isn’t accessible by standard ways is called data recovery. There are a variety of situations where you’ll need data recovery services like mechanical and physical damage on your storage device or user error and deletion. If you have lost your data due to any […]