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Multi language Website using ASP.NET

Their are 3 Methods for developing multi-language websites: 1. Replication2. Generalized approach3. Using Concept of Localization and Globalization Replization: This is basic approach used in static websites. In this approach you need to create replica of each web page in different languages. Suppose you have 100 web pages in your web site and you want […]

ASP.NET Security Lecture 1

ASP.NET Security Lecture 1 Authentication: Checks user identityAuthorization: Check Permissions 4 type of security:1. Windows Authentication2. Forms Authentication: Can be customized3. Passport Authentication4. NoneWeb.config  For more information on how to configure your ASP.NET application, please visit  http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkId=169433

Create Excel (xls) from gridview, XSLT from XML using c#, ASP.NET or .NET

Create Excel (xls) from gridview, XSLT from XML using c#, ASP.NET or .NET In this example i have covered 2 ways of generating XLS: 1. From Gridview2. Using XLST file Code for Gridview to XLS: Download code for Gridview to Excel Code for XLS using XSLT: Download code for generating excel using XSLT Note: Better […]

Nested menu from database or xml in ASP.NET using XSLT

XSLT is very simple but powerful way to handle dynamic transform. In this example i have used XML datasource and XSLT file for generating dynamic nested menu. The menu source is an SQL server database. The script for generating SQL table is also provided with solution. Download source code of dynamic nested menu using XSLT […]

ASP.NET Dynamic Data Website. Or ASP.NET Website in one click

ASP.NET Dynamic Data is used to create data-driven web applications with minimal coding. ASP.NET Dynamic Data have the advantage of using all capabilities of the Dynamic Data Framework. You can also add specific capabilities of Dynamic Data to an existing Web application, such as: Web scaffolding, which is a mechanism to enhance the existing ASP.NET page […]

Insert Delete Update Select using Web Service and Stored procedure in ASP.NET

In this lecture, you will learn to do basic CRUD operation using web service and stored procedure. To complete this lecture you need database script, web service and website to test. You can download it from here (click here to download). Lecture:

Error: Subreport could not be shown. RDLC using with ASP.NET

This exception is thrown only in 3 cases:1. Parameter is not passed to sub report2. Parameter which is been passed is not been created on sub report3. Data type of parameter on main report and sub report is not matching up. C# code which is required to display sub report is mentioned below: